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May 19, 2015


Hemstitch, light fabric, puff sleeves and bohemian vibes are my idea of a perfect summer top, which I didn’t have a chance to wear with denim shorts yet, but until I do, my favorite jeans will work just fine. I’m not sure how many times I showed you these babies, is in ten already? I simply can’t help grabbing them from the jeans shelf everytime I reach for a pair, they are super comfortable, go with both heels and flats, and are a perfect shade for the summer. And last but not least, this tiny Saint Laurent bag that I finally received last week and already can’t live without it!

Hope you guys are having a great Monday!

I’m wearing:

Top – Sheinside (also love this off-shoulder one here)
Jeans – Asos Farleigh (already sold out, but in a slightly different shade here)
Heels – Zara (similar ones here)
Bag – Saint Laurent Lulu
Watch – Daniel Wellington (get a 15% discount sitewide using the code FASHIONAGONY)


New In, Shopping

new in: saint laurent lulu and how to shop for your first designer bag

May 18, 2015


Meet the love of my life, Saint Laurent Lulu in size small (in size medium here), which I’ve been saving up to get for months! I’ve always wanted to buy a luxury designer bag but could never decide, which one I wanted the most and I’m really happy with my decision. I have to admit YSL bags are my favorite and I’m really hoping to grow my collection later on :) Since narrowing down to one choice was really hard for me I thought I’d share with you guys some points I took into consideration in case you’re shopping for your first designer bag as well.

1. If you’re planning to buy your first designer bag, don’t give into trends
I have to admit I was drooling over some 2015 Chloé styles (Drew and Faye anyone?), but these bags are so trendy, you’d be sick of them in a couple of months, especially seeing them on every other blogger. It’s not everyday that I’m investing in such an expensive bag, and right now I don’t plan to buy a designer bag every season so I thought I’d rather go for a classic style that’s been around for a while and that I haven’t stopped liking ever since I saw it. This will also serve as a guarantee I won’t stop liking it the next season.

2. Go for daywear versatility
This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but many of my styling clients think that if they pay a fortune for a bag, it better show! This is how they end up with embellished purple satchels that sit in their closets and don’t get almost any wear. I chose Lulu because I knew a small black bag is what I’ll be wearing 50% of the time. My advice is avoid superfluous details and flashy logos, you’ll have a chance to add that bag to your collection later.

3. Save up!
You can totally disagree with me on this, but I believe the more you see your bag on other people, the less you like it. All those Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff bags are great and super accessible, but chances are you’ll value yours less everytime you see one like it. If you can, save up more, because unless you live on Upper East Side, luxury bags are not something you see very much of. I own a couple of MK and Marc Jacobs bags myself  and aside from their functionality these bags don’t really excite me the way they did on the first day of purchase. Also, keep in mind that the value of a premium designer bag will only rise over time, which unfortunately won’t happen to MK Jet Sets.

4. Research!
See how your dream bag looks on bloggers (take into account their height to determine if the bag will look the same on you), think if it’s versatile enough to match your typical looks. Read reviews on forums to find out if the bag has significant shortcomings (e.g., loses shape quickly). I bought my bag online and I didn’t have any chance to hold it in my hands before buying it so I made sure I did the best research I could, which totally paid off.

Look of the day

double green

May 16, 2015


One of my secrets of how to dress quickly in the morning is to plan outfits ahead. Whenever I get a new item, I try it on in front of a mirror in various combos to see what works best. Then I take pictures of the outfits I loved most and store them in a separate folder on my iPhone. Waking up in the morning I sometimes browse that folder to see if there’s an outfit that fits the weather and my plans for the day. Of course, 50 per cent of the time I’d be throwing on some skinny jeans, a leather jacket and jump out to run errands, but this is a great way to keep in mind all the different items you have in your closet and make your outfits more diverse.

This outfit, for example, was planned last fall, but I never had a chance to sport it up until yesterday. I did, however, manage to use it in a shoot I styled back in November (sometimes I do that to my clothes). And also it worked great with my new Stan Smiths, so I’m finally deleting the picture from my outfit folder :) Have a great Saturday, peeps!

I’m wearing:

Cardigan – Zara (similar one here)
Top – Sheinside
Palazzo pants – Zara (these ones would do the trick as well)
Sneakers – Adidas Stan Smith (more sizes and colors here and here)
Bag – The Leather Satchel
Necklace – Asos (similar styles here and here)


Look of the day

spring neutrals

May 13, 2015


Life’s back to normal after my folks visiting me for the first time and my photographer aka my boyfriend being away for an entire week, so I’m finally able to share with you my today’s outfit. I love mixing neutrals with black, they give it even more edge and contrast. What I love even more is remembering I have gems hidden in my closet like this trench, which is one of my favorite go-to pieces when it gets chilly.

I’m wearing:

Trench – Chicwish (similar one here and here)
Top – Asos
Pants – Romwe
Shoes – Choies
Bag – Zara
Watch – Daniel Wellington (get a 15% discount sitewide using the code FASHIONAGONY)


Look of the day

no fibbing the ribbing

May 8, 2015


Looking at these pictures I notice two things: a) I really need to get the hang of that curling iron, b) moving to another city and eating out almost all the time has definitely affected my body, and not in a good way. I’ve been doing yoga three times a week for the last six months and try to walk a lot, but I guess for my age and lifestyle (spending way too much time in front of my laptop with a muffin in my hand) it doesn’t cut it anymore. I used to be an extremely skinny person up until my early twenties, and by skinny I mean having to answer a question if I’m not sick almost every single day and not being able to find jeans in my size. I got used to eating everything I want knowing it would not affect my constitution and this is the habit that’s the hardest to quit, especially since I have the biggest sweet tooth haha. Hope you guys don’t mind me sharing my little life drama and stay tuned to a weight loss post in the near future :)

I’m wearing:

Top – Tobi
Jeggings – Asos
Clutch – Marc B
Heels – Stradivarious (old)
Necklace – Happiness Boutique
Ring – Asos
Watch – Daniel Wellington (get a 15% discount sitewide using the code FASHIONAGONY)