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June 10, 2016


If I had to pick my most favorite items in my wardrobe that I plan to wear the crap out of, you’re looking at them. I can’t count how many times I’ve worn these high waisted skinnies, my friends are making fun of me because I have a room filled with clothing and still wear them more often than anything. The lace up sandals are still my favorite heels and this Saint Laurent bag has been with me through heaven and hell, it has scratches and the leather starts to lose shape but it’s the most amazing bag I’ve ever had and I really hope it doesn’t fall apart very soon because I can’t think of an alternative.  Adding something new to the mix, like this ruffled top, is just good manners.

On another note, later today I’ll be on my way to Vienna. I kinda feel the need to unwind a little bit after a tough month of work, and so do my friends, so we’re off to have a fun weekend. Oh, and BIG NEWS! I’m starting to use Snapchat, so add fashionagony to follow my adventures.

I’m wearing:

Top – Chicwish (also love this one here)
Jeans – Asos
Heels – Asos (similar ones here and here)
Bag – Saint Laurent
Watch – Marc Bale


Look of the day

70s denim

March 17, 2016


I have to admit I’m not paying sufficient attention to the whole 70s trend going on lately, I definitely incorporate some of the its details in my everyday outfits, but full on 70s looks are kinda hard to style if you have limited time in the morning and aren’t always comfortable to wear compared to my beloved sporty chic. This look however was really easy to pull off, probably because it’s a classic denim & suede combination and also because of the fact I can’t get enough of my snake booties and the imitation suede coat.

I’m wearing:

Coat – Shein (real suede one here)
Shirt – Zara
Jeans – H&M (similar ones here)
Boots – Asos
Bag – Saint Laurent (affordable styles here and here)


Look of the day

be yourself x asos

January 12, 2016


As part of Asos Be Yourself project I was asked to pick an outfit from Asos that would represent my everyday work style and answer a couple of questions about my work. I have to admit I’m lucky to wear whatever I like whenever I like since I don’t work at an office anymore, but naturally I try to make my clothes look appropriate to where I’m going and fulfill specific tasks.

1. Where do you work and what’s your position?
I work as a fashion stylist on shootings, a personal stylist and a blogger.

2. Which aspects of your work make you get out of bed every morning with enthusiasm?
Every day is not like the other, at work I’m always challenged creatively and get to meet new inspiring people everyday. I’m a huge perfectionist and it makes me happy to see my work highly appreciated, and for that I’m ready to wake up as early as needed.

3. What is a standard dress code in your industry?
No dresscode whatsoever.

4. What constitutes your ultimate outfit combination?
My ultimate combination has to be comfortable, flattering and trendy. I need to be at multiple places throughout the day so I keep all these aspects in mind, when I get dressed in the morning.


5. What are your favorite work shoes and why?
Definitely ankle boots. They are edgy, comfortable and work with so many outfit combinations.

6. Any tips on how to save time doing your hair in the morning?
There’s this old school thing I’m doing every morning. After I wash and blow dry my hair I’m using velcro rollers to add some volume to the roots while I’m doing my makeup. It works!

7. Can you give an advice, fashion-related or not, to the people wishing to work in your industry?
The hardest thing is always to persuade yourself you can achieve things, once you do that the rest is a piece of cake! As for the fashion advice, always analyze the effect you want your clothes to have on people and dress according to that.

8. Why you chose this outfit combination?
I wore this particular outfit yesterday, which was my normal work day, where I styled a shooting in the morning, had my pictures taken in the afternoon, went to pickup clothes and accessories for the upcoming shooting and had a meeting with a client after. A warm statement coat and the turtleneck kept me warm, while the moderate heel on the boots and some loose-fitting jeans kept me comfortable. In a warmer weather I would probably replace the coat with a blazer, and wear some pumps instead, but this pretty much sums up what I like to wear everyday.


I’m wearing:

Faux fur coat – Asos
Turtleneck – Asos
Jeans – Asos
Snake print boots – Asos
Bag – Saint Laurent
Watch – Mark Bale



Look of the day

cropped mom jeans

November 19, 2015


I’ve lost count of how many outfits this camel coat was featured in on the blog, probably at least a dozen. It still remains one of my go-to outerwear pieces even though I constantly update my collection, and I don’t plan to change that in the near future.  I actually think a good camel coat is one of the best wardrobe investments, especially if you’re a business person or prefer classic dressing. I guess I’m neither of those so I like to keep my camel coat outfits on an edgier side, in this case with loose-fitting jeans and a lot of metallic hardware.

I’m wearing:

Coat – Zara (similar one here)
Turtleneck – H&M (similar ones here and here)
Jeans – Vogos
Boots – Zara
Bag – Milly



Look of the day

white & tan

November 10, 2015


Another look with these suede boots from last year that I simply can’t get enough of come fall (see the previous two looks from Paris here and here). I’ve been meaning to try out the white & tan color combo for the longest time, but even though I’m the most avid fan of all white (see my tumblr for proof), I couldn’t find two white pieces in my closet that matched and were fall appropriate.  This turtleneck came just in time and I paired it with the culottes I last wore back in summer. Of course there was a coat involved, but it wasn’t white so I’m not gonna show it to you :)

I’m wearing:

Turtleneck – Shein
Culottes – Zara (similar ones here and here)
Bag – Asos
Suede boots – Zara (similar ones here and here)
Necklace – Star Tag by Jane Kønig