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vintage levi’s

January 29, 2016


If there’s one thing in my life that I’m never gonna quit it’s definitely searching for the perfect jeans. I’ve been craving a pair of vintage Levi’s for God knows how long, but last month I finally caved and got them off Ebay only to realize the wash and the fit are fine, but not perfect. I do love how they look on me, but I can’t help but wonder if I’m gonna be slightly luckier with my next denim purchase, and so the search continues.

I’m wearing:

Coat – Shein (size S)
Sweater – Topshop
Jeans – vintage Levi’s
Boots – Zara
Watch – Marc Bale



Look of the day

cropped mom jeans

November 19, 2015


I’ve lost count of how many outfits this camel coat was featured in on the blog, probably at least a dozen. It still remains one of my go-to outerwear pieces even though I constantly update my collection, and I don’t plan to change that in the near future.  I actually think a good camel coat is one of the best wardrobe investments, especially if you’re a business person or prefer classic dressing. I guess I’m neither of those so I like to keep my camel coat outfits on an edgier side, in this case with loose-fitting jeans and a lot of metallic hardware.

I’m wearing:

Coat – Zara (similar one here)
Turtleneck – H&M (similar ones here and here)
Jeans – Vogos
Boots – Zara
Bag – Milly



Look of the day

fall favorites

September 24, 2015


It’s probably the twentieth time that I’m mentioning lace up trend on the blog, but at least you guys know that when I like something, I’m a 100 percent committed to it :) This top I got only a few days ago has already made its way to the favorite section of my closet, along with my oldie-but-goodie Asos high waisted jeans and these new leather boots that I got from Zara this Sunday. Easily the simplest and one of my favorite outfit combos this fall.

On another note, big news, in four days I’m going to Paris Fashion Week, again! Remembering my previous PFW experience I’ll be super smart this time, go to fewer shows, wear less heels (if possible) and always take the subway instead of a cab (3 missed shows, hello!). I’m planning to stay in Paris for a couple more days after the fashion week is over and just enjoy the city with my bf. Hopefully the weather cooperates! I haven’t planned my outfits yet, my hair is a hot fluffy mess,  so I better start sorting through piles of clothes and maybe blackmailing my hair stylist into a last minute appointment! Wish me luck.

I’m wearing:

Lace up top – Sheinside (lots of cool options in this post)
Jeans – Asos Farleigh
Boots – Zara (check out this post for more fall boot options)
Bag – Saint Laurent


Inspiration, Shopping, Sunday Cravings

7 things to buy for fall 2015

August 31, 2015

I used to always hate that feeling of sadness, when you realize that summer is almost over up until I started blogging. The sadness is still there but now I have all these fall trends and new arrivals to be excited about! In case you guys are thinking about what to buy for fall, here a list of 7 ideas you might consider. All of these items mix together perfectly and will organically fit your existing wardrobe, matching your minimal, feminine and sporty sets.

1. Rust and terracotta colors

rust-trend-fashion-blog-streetstyleshop rust and terracotta items:



2. A-line

a-line-suede-skirtsshop A-line skirts:



3. Flares


shop flared pants and jumpsuits:

4. Stripes


shop striped tops and dresses:


5. Ankle boots

fall-2015-boots-trendsshop ankle boots:


6. Suede

suede-trench-coat-fall-2015-trendssuede-trench-fall-must-havessuede-dress-A-line-fall-trends-2015Extra bonus points for A-line suede dresses in rust or terracotta worn with sock or mod boots :)

shop suede coats and dresses:




7. Top handle box bags


shop box bags:

See also: Lace up Fronts and Party Shoes for Fall

Images via WeWoreWhat, MajaWyh, Fashionvibe, The Fashion Guitar, CollageVintage, Adenorah, Portable Package, Anouska, tumblr.

Look of the day

a touch of green

March 3, 2015


Looking at these pictures I just realized my hair hasn’t been this long since about two years ago (last long hair days here and here), which seriously freaks me out because the length is critical and it’s time to decide whether I want to cut it way shorter, or keep growing it. I’ve never been much into hair experiments but maybe this time I’ll cave. Would love to hear your opinion guys, do you think I should opt for a short haircut?

I’m wearing:

Coat – Asos (sold out but similar one here and here)
Jeans – Asos (lots of cool styles here)
Top – Romwe (similar ones here and here)
Boots – Stradivarius (similar ones here and here)
Scarf – Sheinside
Bag – Marc Jacobs (similar ones: 1, 2 and 3)
Watch – Michael Kors