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sunday cravings: army green

October 19, 2014

(images via Hippie, Hippie Milkshake, Columbine Smille, Anine Bing, Sofi’s Snapshots, Inside Am-Lul’s closet, Adenorah,, Style Heroine, tumblr and Pinterest)

This season I am extremely inspired by the military trend, it’s super versatile and you can wear army green while still remaining feminine and sexy. I’ve already got two army green pieces at Zara but I’m still looking for a military coat, isn’t this color perfect for fall? What do you guys think of this trend? 
Yay or nay?

1. Asos  | 2.  Asos  | 1. Asos

 1.  Newlook  |  2. Asos  | 3. by Zoe

1.  Asos  | 2. Superdry  | 3. Asos White

1.  Mango  | 2.  Asos  | 3. Asos

1. Newlook  |  2.  Asos  | 3. Asos  | 4. Asos

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Inspiration, Shopping

sunday cravings: mom jeans

September 7, 2014
I’m definitely not the first one to jump on a new trend bandwagon, but once I start digging some new shape or style, I can’t get over it very easily. This is exactly what happened with mom jeans, at first I was really skeptical, but when I saw they actually CAN look good not only on models, but normal people too I was sold. I’ve been looking for a perfect pair in lots of stores but hated the fit, but as usual, Asos came to the rescue. How do you guys feel about mom jeans? Yay or nay?

1. Asos  |  2. Asos  | 3. Asos 

1. Asos  | 2. Won Hundred  | 3. Asos

 1.  Asos |  2.  Asos  | 3.  Asos

 1.  Asos |  2.  Asos  | 3.  Asos

 1. BDG  |  2. BDG  | 3.  BDG


Inspiration, Shopping

Sunday Cravings: Shirt Dresses

July 20, 2014

 The hotter it gets the less energy I wanna spend on creating outfits. I’ve been practically living in my jumpsuits and overalls the last week, until I tried a basic shirt dress (showed a peek on my instagram last week). It’s even easier to wear, it’s breathy and gives your body all the freedom to move. Now I’m obsessed with finding more shirt dresses to make the rest of this summer easier, especially with an upcoming vacation in mind. 
What do you guys think about shirtdresses? Do you have one in your closet?
1. Pippa Lynn | 2. Asos | 3. Asos | 4. Asos
 1. Sister Jane | 2. Won Hundred | 3. Asos | 4. Asos

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Monday Cravings: Jumpsuits & Playsuits

June 23, 2014

Jumpsuits are such an understated piece of clothing that we normally ignore when shopping. I mean, let’s face it, we may have dozens of dresses in our closets and only one or two jumpsuits, even despite the fact they can be even more chic and elegant. A jumpsuit is the easiest thing to wear, you don’t have to pull your hair out coming up with outfit ideas, just pick a bag and shoes and you’re all set! And also, isn’t it cool to wear a cute short dress without letting the world see your underwear (which honestly is my biggest problem, when it comes to short dresses)? There’s so many amazing playsuits that look like dresses, yet give you the freedom to climb stairs and ride bikes and not freak out every minute :)

Anyways, I think it’s unfair we completely neglect jumpsuits, so right now I intend to find a couple to make my summer mornings as effortless as possible.