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exciting jeans styles for fall and winter

November 1, 2015


I don’t about you guys but for me finding the perfect jeans is one of the ultimate life goals along with building a successful career and buying my own house and it’s always lingering at the back of my mind wen I’m shopping. I love how with every year the trendy denim is becoming less distressed, less skinny, looser, more high waisted, and a lot more exciting with all the frayed edges, patchworking and large cuffed hems. Skinny jeans won’t go anywhere but isn’t it amazing to wear something that you feel a lot less self conscious, and dare I say, a lot cooler in? For me these are wide leg jeans, cropped flares and mom jeans.

While the (hopefully) perfect pair of denims is on its way to me, here’s a little bit of inspiration and tips on where to buy cool jeans for fall and winter, in case you guys are on the hunt as well.