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timeless pieces

January 7, 2018

Another one of my insta looks, where I’m wearing some of the items I’ve had for years. This hat, for example, I wore back in 2012 and the turtleneck in 2014, the pants in 2015. I’ve been reconsidering lately what I’m doing with my wardrobe and why I’m buying so much new stuff, when I have all these amazing clothes in my wardrobe. I’ve been on a shopping ban for the past 6 months to teach myself to appreciate all the high quality stuff that I already own.


Instagram, Travel

paris insta

October 7, 2015


Hope you guys are having a great week so far! Just checking in to share with you a couple pics from my stay in Paris. I’ve visited countless shows, presentations and exhibitions so far, drank way to much chocolate chaud and may or may not have photographed the Eiffer Tower 200 times lol. We’ll be staying here for a couple more days so head over to my instagram (@fashionagony) for some updates, as I seriously can’t bring myself to make a decent post while I’m here.

P.S. I’m being constantly asked about the pink pom poms, so here’s a link in case you’re wondering where they are from (in blue here) and here’s a post with an overload of pom pom candy.