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Embracing the Unflattering Shapes

June 25, 2014


There must be something wrong with me because lately I’ve started to deliberately wear more items that are sort of unflattering in the traditional sense. I mean, take the whole 90s trend, or noromcore, or ugly shoe trend – all these things and shapes make you look weird and unsexy, but you can’t deny the freedom that comes along. Letting go of the constant pressure to look pretty and polished lets me focus and something new, the world is my oyster :) Are you guilty of the proverbial man-repelling ©?

I’m wearing:

Top – River Island
Jeans – FrontRow
Backpack – Newlook (similar ones here and here)
Sandals – Asos (similar ones here and here)
Necklace – Zara (an even cuter one here)
Watch – Casio

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Look of the Day: Stripes & Wide Legs

April 9, 2014

I’m all for simplicity in outfits but this outfit seems to be too simple, even for me :) I don’t recall when I last wore as little as two items at once, obviously the weather facilitated, but also I felt like these pants and the stripey crop top wouldn’t need any other company. So excited that the season of two-pieces has finally arrived!

I’m wearing:

Top – Sheinside (similar ones here and here)
Pants – Asos (lots of other options in this post)
Bag – H&M
Heels – Zara (similar ones here and here, metallic heels – here and here)
Watch – Michael Kors

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Sunday Cravings: Wider Legs

March 9, 2014
(images via 5inchanup,, Gary Pepper, Stockholm Streetstyle, Shine by Three, Fashion Vibe, 
The Blonde Salad, Zanita, MajaWyh, Look de Pernille, Camille Over the Rainbow, Style Heroine)
I love my skinnies to death but this season I’m especially drawn to loose pants that can be extremely chic and versatile. They look amazing with flat sandals, sneakers and mules, I’m not even mentioning pointy heels here. They have that elegant flare but can be styled into a cool urban way that’s very appealing to me. I love how the most fashionable chick out there are wearing theirs and since I’m planning my spring wardrobe right now, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to order myself a pair or two. Are you forever sworn to skinnies or do you have any wide legs in your closet?
1. Asos | 2. Asos | 3. Asos
 1. Asos | 2. Asos | 3. Asos
1. Asos | 2. Asos | 3. Asos
 1. Asos | 2. Asos | 3. Asos
 1. Asos | 2. Asos | 3. Asos
 1. Monki | 2. Asos | 3. Asos
 1. Asos | 2. Asos | 3. Asos
 1. Mango | 2. Mango | 3. Asos
 1. Asos | 2. Asos | 3. Asos

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