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January 4, 2016


I hope you guys had a lovely New Year and already sorted out all your resolutions for 2016. I’m finding it difficult to express everything I expect from myself in 2016 because 2015 taught me that there is no limit to what I can do and achieve.

Some of my defining moments in 2015 were:
– moving to another city and choosing personal styling as my final career path
– seeing therapist for the first time in my life (I have to confess I faced an identity crisis this summer and getting professional help was one of the     best decisions in my life, if you guys ever doubt – go for it!)
– attending trainings and reading a ton of books on personal growth
– learning to meditate
– Paris Fashion Week
– meeting truly inspiring people that I can learn a lot from

Some of the things I plan to focus on in 2016:
– finding balance between work and pleasure
– building a strong body
– traveling to places I’ve never been
– getting back to learning French and Spanish
– reading books I’ve been saving on my Ipad throughout 2015
– learning to network and delegate

As for the look above, as you can probably tell the pics were taken near Musee du Louvre in Paris. I always forget to post everything we shoot on our trips and was happy to find them browsing through my folders yesterday. It’s super casual as it was taken on the last day of exploring the city, I hope you like it.

I’m wearing:

Coat – Zara
Sweater and jeans – H&M
Shoes – Adidas Stan Smith
Bag – Saint Laurent
Sunglasses – ZeroUV
Watch – Daniel Wellington


Look of the day, Travel

canal st martin

November 3, 2015


Strolling along Canal St Martin on our last day in Paris in my striped poncho, which doubles as a scarf and a blanket on a plane.  Probably one of the most versatile items in my closet that I try to stock up on ever since blanket capes became a thing. I can’t believe Paris happened almost a month ago, even though this has been a one hectic month for me. Can’t wait to go back as soon as I can, I’ve definitely left my heart there.

I’m wearing:

Poncho – Stradivarius (cool ones here, here and here )
Sweater – Mango
A-line denim skirt – Shein (similar ones here and here)
Suede boots – Zara (similar ones here and here)
Backpack – Leather Satchel Company



Look of the day, Travel

black & white

October 24, 2015


Here’s a black and white outfit I wore on one of my last days in Paris. The venue of a morning show was next to Pont de l’Alma, which was a great opportunity to shoot this outfit only a 10-minute walk away on Rue de Monttessuy – the place from which, in my personal opinion, the Eiffel Tower looks the most impressive.

Too bad this wasn’t at sunset, the light and the colors would be amazing, but I’m pretty happy about how these images turned out, even though on that day I forgot to take a hairbrush with me, and that for me is worse than forgetting my phone and wallet. Need to brush that hair every 30 min, that’s my secret of staying sane :)

I’m wearing:

Sleeveless coat – Shein (tucked the collar in for a cleaner look)
Dress – Front Row
Sneakers – Adidas Stan Smith
Bag – Asos


Look of the day, Travel

pleats & stripes in paris

October 21, 2015


This has to be my absolute favorite outfit from Paris regardless of the fact I’m wearing a $16 top and my underwear is slightly showing through the skirt, although you might not notice that. I’m obsessed with striped knitwear this season and pleated skirts are sort of fresh and new to me and I felt really feminine wearing this to the Chloe show on my very first day in Paris. And as I mentioned before, these lace up heels (previously worn here and here) are the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever owned, so add that to a perfect combo.

I’m wearing:

Top – Shein
Skirt – Zara (lots of options in this post)
Heels – Asos (similar ones here, here and here)
Bag – Asos
Necklace – Jane Kønig





paris outtakes

October 17, 2015

fashion-blogger-paris-cafeThis time in Paris I focused a lot more on catching some of its beauty with my iPhone rather than my DSLR, for an Instagram addict like me pictures taken with the phone seem to have more life to them, plus all the editing can be done in 10 seconds. I did, however find a bunch of pics on my laptop to show you guys along with a few tips and observations I made while in Paris.


1. If you need to get somewhere fast, don’t take the cab. I made this mistake the previous time, and not only did it cost an arm and a leg, I never got anywhere on time because of the insane traffic. The metro, on the other hand, is super quick and always on schedule.

nika-huk-fashion-blogger-paris2. Never throw away your metro tickets  while you’re still underground, my hubby and I did and it cost us 100 eur. We were confronted by the metro police on our way out and they handled the situation terribly, refusing to speak English (even though they spoke well) or explain anything, still one of the worst memories of Paris and let’s say I’ve had my share of thieves, scammers and rude waiters during my trips to Paris.


3. The best service we get is always in small cafes away from the main tourist streets. The prices are much better too.


4. I’ve been to Paris a couple of times but never had the chance to visit the Louvre, the queues are intimidating. This time we did manage to see Musee d’Orsay, which has the largest collection of impressionists in the world and a lot of French art in general. We went there on the first Sunday of the month and turns out, it’s the only day in the month, when you can get in for free.

musee-d-orsay-parismusee-d-orsay-clock-paris5. If you have time, stroll through Paris as much as you can. Sure, there’s plenty of amazingness in the center, but avoiding hoards of tourists you’ll be able to connect with Paris on a deeper level. Don’t waist your time queuing at Laduree, there’s plenty of great macarons at every corner and do get up as early as you can to see Paris empty, it’s an awesome experience.


6. I know it’s cliche but the Eiffel Tower is my favorite thing to see and I never get tired of it. Don’t limit yourself to Place Trocadero, there’s at least twenty other places, where you can see it from new amazing angles (Google Maps are your friends).